DHL parcelcopter

DHL parcelcopter

Deutsche Post DHL’s parcelcopter project has entered its next phase, with microdrones’ special copter going into regular service from the town of Norden in North Germany to the North Sea island of Juist. More than twelve kilometres will be covered autonomously by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) without any intervention of a pilot. Remarkably, for the first time the system is operating out of sight of a human operator (BVLOS – Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) and is likely to be the first of its category ever to complete such a mission with official approval. The goal is to carry medicine and other urgently needed items quickly and flexibly. In December of last year a Parcelcopter already flew across the river Rhine in Bonn for testing purposes. The current field test is taking place with additional support from the Institute of Flight System Dynamics of the RWTH Aachen University.


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