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Europas attraktivste Logistik-Standorte

Gemäß einer Studie der Firma Cushman & Wakefield  “European Distribution Report 2008”  liegt der attraktivste europäische Logistik-Standort in Belgien.

Die Schweiz sucht man in diesem Bericht vergeblich. Nach Rückfrage bei Cushhman & Wakefield wurden folgende Gründe angegeben:

We have omitted Switzerland for two main reasons. Firstly, in our ranking model we ask for a great deal of information and because of the strict confidentiality regulations in Switzerland, some of this data is difficult to obtain, therefore we would have notable gaps within the model. Also, Switzerland is currently not one of the major logistics markets within Europe.

Scheinbar ist es einfacher, solche Daten in der Ukraine zu erhalten. Vielleicht hängt es auch daran, weil man in der Schweiz einen Partner hat und keine eigene Niederlassung.




Quelle und Bericht Cushman & Wakefield LLP

OSEC “Pool of Experts“ new category of Membership

The Pool of Experts was invented in 2002 by Osec Business Network Switzerland to support SMEs in Switzerland and Liechtenstein building their international businesses.

In 2008 Osec decided, beside the normal PoE members (annual listing fee CHF 120.-), to bring in a further category of experts called Official Osec Experts (OOE). Only these OOE-Members are entitled to use the official seal of Osec

The conditions to become an OOE are as follows:

a) PoE membership through at least one employee of the applying company
b) Successful execution of at least one project together with Osec or the SBH within the last 24 months at the time of application
c) Positive written customer feedback
d) Positive written feedback of Osec consultant/SBH
e) Payment of 15% platform contribution
f) Signature of the Agreement

To become an OOE every PoE-Expert has to contact the concerned Office in his country and make an appointment to introduce himself and his services in person to that office’s. If the Expert is specialised in more than one country, he has to introduce himself and his services to all the various countries administrators concerned. So if there is a project the administrator might remember the Expert and his expertise. However, that is absolutely no guarantee but on the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to be recognized as an OOE.

If a customer is searching on the online database for an Expert, the OOEs will appear first on the list of potential Experts.

Swisscontact: an organisazation of the Swiss private sector for development cooperations has, as well, a pool of retired experts. The fees for an expert are less than CHF 100.- per day plus expenses. Donators are, besides cantons, communities etc., also the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) as well as the State Secretaritat for Economic Affairs (Seco), both of which are government agencies.

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