Arbeitskosten EU 2012

2012 lagen die Arbeitskosten in der EU im Durchschnitt bei EUR 23.20 pro Stunde. In der Eurozone bei EUR 28.20/h.

Die höchsten Arbeitskosten verzeichneten Schweden (EUR 42.20/h), Belgien (40.40/h) Dänemark (EUR 39.40/h), Frankreich (34.90/h) und Luxemburg (34.50/h).

Die tiefsten Bulgarien (3.60/h) Rumänien (4.50/h), Litauen (5.70/h), Lettland (6.30/h), Polen (7.20/h), Ungarn (7.90/h), Slowakei  (8.60/h) und Estland (8.60/h).


Quelle: Switzerland Global Enterprise 29.1.2014

Aktuelle Situation USA Shipments

Although Food and Drug Administration import entry reviews are considered an excepted function, FDA has had to furlough over 1/2 of its staff. The reduction of administrative report for import enforcement will likely result in delays.

Regarding USDA and APHIS, import inspections should not be impacted by the shutdown.

Carriers are already seeing one critical impact of the shutdown on CBP operations – that is the issuance of customs seals to carrier warehouse and ramp employees. Customs seals issuance is considered administrative support, and therefore not an excepted function. It is recommanded that carriers work with their local CBP port directors to find an accomodation to minimize the impact on carriers operations.

Source: TIACA


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